Bauler_family300x203In 1994, Pastor Mike was convicted that he should give his life completely to the Lord and he began diligently studying the Bible and sharing his growing faith with others. He was hired by the Prairie Meadows Church in Derby, Kansas as a full-time Bible Worker in December of 1997. During his service in Kansas, his work included giving personal Bible studies in hundreds of homes, serving as an elder and Sabbath School teacher in the church, conducting Prophecy Seminars in surrounding areas and co-teaching a seminar to train others as Bible Workers.

In September 2000, Pastor Mike was hired as a pastor/Bible worker by the Historic Message Church and was officially ordained to the gospel ministry in 2005. Pastor Mike's goals are to help give the gospel to the greater Portland area with an emphasis in helping his Bible students discover the truths in Bible prophecy which are so often neglected today. He longs to see spiritual growth in each member of the church and encourages them to be more active in personal evangelism.

Since coming to Portland area he has conducted multiple Bible prophecy seminars across the metro area and maintains a full schedule of personal Bible studies. He is also committed to seeing the gospel message go to other parts of the world and he has made recent trips to conduct prophecy seminars in Togo, West Africa and Costa Rica.

Pastor Mike longs to see more workers active in sharing the gospel. To help meet this need he conducts Bible worker training seminars as well as speaking at churches across the country and in conjunction with the Historic Message Church, he personally trains and mentors potential Bible Workers through our Bible Worker internship program.


Pastor Mike is assisted in his ministry by his wife, Amanda, a Family Nurse Practitioner, who enjoys sharing God’s way to find health and is a frequent presenter at our Whole Health Lifestyle classes. She also enjoys teaching in the children’s ministry, coordinating worship music,  and most of all being mom to their three young daughters Hannah, Esther and Abigail.