Lisa Reynoso

Lisa is a wife and homeschooling mother to three wonderful children. She helps at church in various ways, such as teaching the adult Sabbath school class, helping with song service, and with various forms of outreach. She enjoys doing monthly cooking demos at a local store and helping with the annual Depression/Anxiety Recovery program. At home she enjoys reading and sewing.

John Grosboll

John grew up a PK (pastor’s kid). While thankful for his parent’s Christian teaching and example, he realized early on that his parent’s religion wouldn’t save him. He had to surrender to Jesus himself. He was baptized at eight years of age and experienced a revival during his high school years. Today John continues his walk with Jesus through Bible study, prayer and service. He teaches Sabbath School, speaks for church and gives Bible studies. John is happily married to his bride of 23 years and has three children. John enjoys spending time with his family, learning history, and gardening. John graduated from Walla Walla University with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and from Washington State University with a master’s degree in engineering management. He works in marketing at Daimler Trucks North America.


Teresa Grosboll

Teresa serves as a Bible worker for Historic Message Church. Ever since she trained as a Bible worker at the age of 19, she has enjoyed sharing God’s Word with people in their homes. She loves encouraging people in their walk with God. Teresa is also a thankful wife and proud mother of three children, ages 20, 16, and 11. She spent 15 years homeschooling her children and is currently a full-time student in an elementary education program at Western Governor’s University. Teresa enjoys planning events, connecting with people, cooking, and listening to her favorite book, The Desire of Ages.

Ben Geck

Ben is a husband and proud father of 2 young girls. He is an active leader in the church and enjoys leading out in Sabbath School and preaching. He is passionate about evangelism and frequently travels around the world to help others find Jesus. Ben’s latest travels include Togo Africa and the Philippines. In the Philippines he works in helping 40 plus churches. He also gives bible studies to friends and family. He graduated from OSU and operates his own business selling safety equipment to large warehouses. He enjoys many outside activities including helping out around the farm with 10 acres and 14 horses.